Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Je marche. Puis je marche plus.

"Marcher" in french means to walk, for all those who don't speak french.
As the title implies, living in Paris so far has been nothing but walking. And taking the metro, but walking wherever i can. Contrary to what I had anticipated, with the combined issues of a tight budget and all the walking, i will probably end up losing wait instead of gaining weight, despite all the bread, cheese and crepes.
Today John and I went to Monmartre, where there are probably 0 Parisians, and we just sat on the steps and talked for a while, it was really nice. After we parted, I walked to the place where I will have my "stage" (internship), at the Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art, which is part of the Biblioteque National in the 2nd. It seems pretty exciting.
Yesterday, Sam and Emily and I went to Pere Lachaise cemetary, the famous one, and its huge and beautiful. I will try to post pictures when i can.
Tomorrow we start orientation, which I am very excited about because we finally have a plan and a schedule, and we get our phones on thursday! Usually I don't mind not having a phone, but thats at Goucher, where I know where everyone generally is, I know my way around, and I speak the language. But here, where we're all spread all over the city, its really hard to make plans with people and not feel isolated. But come thursday, it will get a bit easier.
I'm feeling better, still not 100%, but I know it will come.
Alright, well I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


  1. I'm so jealous, especially that you got to see Pere Lachaise before I did. I hope that you will be able to show your old dad a few new sights when I visit.