Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 more days...wait,1? Oh boy

So for a while now, I've been trying to get it through my head what I'm actually doing, which is (for those of you who aren't quite sure) is spending my junior year abroad studying in Paris. As a quick overview, my first semester I will be taking language classes 5 days a week at the Sorbonne with a group from Goucher, while having a mini-internship that is different for each individual. Mine will be at the Institut National de l'Histoire d'Art, which translates to the National Institut of Art History. (If anyone is interested in the website, just google the name, and the website will pop right up). What will I be doing there? I'm not quite sure, but from the website, it looks like something thats right up my alley, with a huge library that resembles the Library of Congress, as well as an art gallery. PLUS, its basically across the street from the Louvre, which doesn't really hurt. My second semester, I won't be taking classes, but instead will have a full internship (so instead of half a day only 4 times a week, it will be like a full time job) while researching and writing a 30-50 page paper (in french) on a topic of my choice. Oh Boy.

Thinking about all of this is a bit overwhelming, but I've realized that there is only so much you can think about something before you can't think anymore and you just have to DO IT. Well, that is what I'll be doing at 7 am or so on friday morning, when my plane leaves from Asheville for Atlanta, then on to Dulles, with a 5 hour layover before, finally, Paris. I will be living, along with one of my best guy friends, in a foyer (international student housing) in the 13th arrondissement (one of Paris' 20 different sections). Basically, I'm pretty pumped, but also a bit apprehensive.

I really hope to keep up with this blog, because it is important to me to let those people I love and who are interested in knowing what I'm doing, know! I will also be a good record for me.
So, I will try to make it interesting for y'all! (hopefully that won't be too hard).

T-minus 1 full day.
Here we go...!


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