Friday, December 25, 2009

Ireland in pictures

Stephen, a.k.a my new boss when i move to Ireland for a few months. He loved us, and we loved him

Glorious food

Swans in St. Stephen's Green

More beautiful landscape

The cliffs; you can't see them so well because there was so much sun!

Favorite. period.

Amazing food at the cliffs!

Sooo happy in Doolin, near the cliffs

So green, even in December

My first Guiness! and i really liked it

Me and Sam :)

A ferris wheel at the Christmas Market

Dublin at sunset

Pheonix Park - The biggest park in Europe! I just wanted to run in the green fields

Pretty buildings in Dublin

To sum it up, Ireland was amazing. I used to be in love with everything Irish when I was little, and somehow I have lost that over the years and that love has been replaced with one for France and the French language, but this trip really awakened that passion. When Stephen proposed to me and Sam that we come back and work at one of the hostels (Paddy's Palace has hostels all over Ireland), I really took him seriously. I think it would be amazing; you get free lodging, a decent salary, free breakfasts, and after a few weeks of work, you get to partake (gratuitement! - for free) in the "award winning" tours of Ireland the Paddy's offers. For a few weeks in the summer? I think that sounds fantastic. -
The highlight of the trip was without a doubt (besides being with you of course, sam-awn-ta), taking the day trip to the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland. This trip was through Paddy's Palace tours, and we just learned about it when we arrived, so we decided to take it. BEST DECISION EVER. I highly recommend to anyone who goes to Ireland, if it is possible and the weather is nice, to take a trip there. You'll see in the pictures, but not even they capture how amazing a sight it was. Our tour guide, Mike, could not stop insisting how lucky we were to have the weather we had, especially for the middle of December. Not even during the summer, he said, could we be guaranteed this much sun and clear skies. The hills were a magnificent green despite the season as well. AHHHH it was just great. Now, for a little shameless advertising (for slightly selfish reasons): my partner in crime Sam-awn-ta, who writes as her passion and is much better at keeping up her blogs than I am, has detailed hour by hour the legs of our journey, and I recommend you to take a look at her blog at:, partly because I need to move on to whats happening now or else I will never get to it! (hope thats ok Sam).
Overall, she and I are both in agreement when we peg this trip as: One of the best weekends of our lives. Yes. We went there.


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